13 Jun 2011

Buku → Joint Ventures by Trish regan

Penulis: Trish Regan
In one of the book’s best chapters, Regan navigates the history of federal law and how it’s unlikely any big changes in medical pot will come from the courts. She presents facts, facts, facts - from the cost of buying seeds to growing methods to prices of medical pot to the billions of dollars that it all adds up to. Medical marijuana is indeed a lucrative business, but not as profitable as selling pot on the black market. Former Mendocino County Jim Wattenberger estimates that the legal businesses of timber, wine, alfalfa, cattle and organic food are worth a combined $2.4 billion a year. By contrast, pot pulls in $15 billion to $20 billion, he says. While Wattenberger supports medical pot, he rails against outsiders who are making big profits. “Some growers have become so successful they now own three or four homes in our community and have brought in other relatives from Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, to partake in this gold rush," he says. “It’s a family business, and everyone is making money at it.”

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