13 Apr 2011

An open letter to prime minister of Malaysia Dato Seri Najib Razak

To: Yang Amat Berhormat Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Bin Tun Abdul Razak
Prime Minister of Malaysia
Dear Excellency,

Today I write to you as a citizen concerned with the impact of global drug policies, with an urgent request. I believe the death sentence that is applied to drug law offenders in Malaysia is an inappropriate measure, and would like to offer you my collaboration in identifying better solutions to the drug problems in your country.
With certain regularity, reports appear in the Malaysian press on people being sentenced to death for the possession of illegal drugs, including cannabis. The exact number of those who are actually brought to death remains unknown. Human rights organisations estimate that currently some 300 convicted prisoners await execution on death row, most of them for drug-related offences.
These sentences clearly violate international standards for a fair trial. The presumption of guilt and the mandatory death sentence in drug cases places the charge on the accused to prove his or her innocence and leaves a judge with no discretion over the sentence. Competent legal assistance is unavailable to many of those people, leaving them with little capacity to mount a defence at any stage of the proceedings.
Because of the fact that drugs are prohibited, drug trafficking is the core business of criminal organizations that in most cases operate internationally. The people who are occasionally caught by authorities with relatively small amounts do not have major responsibilities in this business. Killing them will not scare the drug gangs away. On the contrary: thanks to these harsh punishments, the leaders in the drug business can continue to justify extraordinary high prices for their goods,. Thus it maintains a vicious circle of violence and danger.
On the other hand, it is important to make a serious assessment of the problems that drugs may or may not cause. Cannabis for instance is a plant, a natural product, a non-lethal substance. Its consumption has been widespread around the world for thousands of years among many different cultures and people. All these people do not use cannabis because it endangers their health or wellbeing, but rather because they experience the opposite. According to increasing amounts of scientific evidence, the so-called dangerousness of cannabis has been largely exaggerated and driven by moral in stead of rational considerations.
The prohibition of cannabis was installed and promoted worldwide by Western countries, especially the USA, during a period in which they dominated the world. Meanwhile, in most European countries, cannabis possession for personal consumption is not penalised anymore. In a growing number of states in the USA, major law changes are taking place that legally regulate the cultivation and distribution of cannabis to adults for medicinal purposes.
It would be extremely sad to see Malaysia continue executing people found in possession of cannabis, while the countries that have installed its prohibition have come to the insight that this is a useful substance whose consumption can be perfectly integrated in society.
In Europe, during the past decades, we have been able to compare the results of different, sometimes opposing drug policies in societies that are similar in demographical, material and socio-cultural development. The conclusion is that drug policies, whether they are repressive or flexible, have a very minor impact on the drug phenomenon itself. In countries where authorities are relatively tolerant, the use of drugs may be lower than in neighboring countries where policies are more repressive.
to drug use are needed. The harsh implementation of drug law enforcement is an impediment to the introduction of these strategies.
For these reasons, I am convinced that the death penalty is actually counterproductive to efforts to reduce the harm caused by drugs.
I call upon your wisdom to apply principles of sound governance and let Malaysia join the majority of nations by declaring a moratorium on executions with a view to total abolition of all death sentences for drug offenses, as called for by the United Nations.
I offer you my co-operation in transmitting knowledge and experience of public health policies that have proven effective in addressing drug-related problems.
Your Sincerely,
Alternative Herbal Medicine Practitioner


  1. semoga PM mempunyai keluangan membaca dan berfikir dengan lebih relevan.



  3. aku nak tanye.
    kenape hukuman ganja sampai membawa mati sedangkan tade org mati sebab ganja.
    and ape beza ganja arak and rokok rasenye dalam kajian yang telah dibuktikan ganja banyak baiknye dari teruk kalau dibandingkan dengan arak mahupun rokok. arak yang semue tahu takde baik nye langsung malah buruknye banyak tapi tetap dipuja-puja kenape ganja dihukum begitu sekali.
    ke kite nak elak org dari mabuk ganja suruh mabuk dengan arak. nak nak kaye kan kilang arak. ingat arak najis dalam islam ganja bukan malahan ianya tumbuhan semula jadi mcm ketum.
    ni mcm ajen yahudi je yang bagi komen sebab takut kilang arak kene tutup. mabuk tetap haram walau ape pu itu yang termaktup.
    tapi bukan ke arak yang sepatutnye haram and dielakkan. ini tidak bende yang takde ape2 pun tak ketagih pun nak de lagi kekawan saya yang mati atau ketagih and menurun taraf hidupnye kerana ganja. dan semue kenyataan pasal ganja mcm propaganda nak mengkayakan kilang arak je.
    bagi saye bukti individu yang mati and merana sebab ganja. and tak pahay nak kate ade sorg pompuan tu anak di mati dalam kandungan sebab ganja bakan ke merokok pun bagi sebab yang same. ni ape ni korang ni pejuang kilang arak ke. bende baik yang banyak menolong cube di haramkan sekeras kerasnye bende yang haram disisi agama biakan je beleluasa dijual. hukuman bunuh pada ganja fikir betul2 patut ke. kite hukum bunuh kepada sesuatu sebab bende tu membunuh atau menjadi penagih. bagi saya satu lagi org yang tegar dalam menagih ganja yang tak bolh hidup tampa ganja. tak ubah mcm arak tapi ni la kite ajen yahudi sebenar arak juge jadi bahan yang halal. fikir la hukuam Allah pada kamu yang menghukum membabi bute tampa kajian. saya cabar bagi org yang isap ganja buat kerja and org yang minum arak buat kerja tegok sape siap kerja lebih berkauliti and kalau peminum arak blh la. saye minte kaji hukuman bunuh yang lain takpe la sebab mabuk tetap haram. ejaan teruk sebab BM aku P8 ok. yang pentung faham kan. tolong komen

  4. sentence to death is good ,say no drugs to Malaysia we need a clean environment.those drugs dealer selling weeds not for medical purpose but for those who teenagers,which can damage their health and other sort of bad things happen!

  5. so its okay if we sentence a user to jail or death but take pocket money from the dealers? i'd rather teenagers smoke weed than kill themselves with cigarettes.

  6. What is a clean environment means to you?and really ,do you really care about teenager?

  7. please legalize marijuana..!!!..
    jgn tertipu dgn yahudi laknatullah..!!..
    bangun lah rakyat malaysia..mari menentang dgn propaganda bodoh yahudi ni yg hanya sentiasa akan menyesatkan org islam...pls la wahai PERDANA MENTERI..sesungguhnya anda tahu yg GANJA bukan lah sesuatu tumbuhan yg merbahaya...kalo ganja di legalize kan kat malaysia,sy yakin,ramai yg bersatu padu..pls...

  8. Kenapa ganja ilegal ? karena ganja karyan sejati yg maha kuasa. lalu kenapa alkohol legal ? karena karya manusia. dengan demikian nampaklah sudah kalau manusia syirik terhadap yg kuasa. melegalkan racikannya serta mengilegalkan ciftaanNya. (syirik=Musyrik) dosa yang tidak akan pernah dimaafkan. "astagfirullah hal azhim"